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At church suits for less, layaway becomes easy, now you can purchase that beautiful church suits that you always wanted. Either is a
DONNA VINCI SUIT, BEN MARC SUIT, FIFTH SUNDAY SUIT, GMI SUIT, TALLY TAYLOR SUIT, OR ANY CHURCH SUIT OR CHURCH DRESS. We offer a comprehensive and flexible plan to make sure you get that special church suit, matching hat or that special item that you always wanted. Now you don't have to wait any longer. You can put aside any item with a minimum deposit.

Layaway accounts must be established over the phone. (732) 874-5800

The time allowed for a layaway item is 90 days from the original layaway purchase date. All payments plus shipping must be received on or before the 90th day of the layaway or you will loose the all payments made towards the layaway. You cannot change the item ordered, or the size and color of the item after the layaway is established. Specials promotions and discounts offers does not apply to layaway, shipping of $14.99 would applied. We will contact you approximately 7 days prior the end of the layaway period, and notify you that your layaway is about to expire. All payments on layaway items are non-refundable. No Exceptions