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Here Is How You Can Personalize Your Church Outfit to Reflect Your Personality

15 July, 2019

Sundays, for a lot of people, is a perfect time to relax, as a Christian though, you possibly go to church every Sunday. These Sunday Services typically last for a while, after which you are free to continue enjoying your Sunday. However, you still try to look perfect. As much as you wish to look your best by putting on a church outfit and accessorizing in such a manner that would reflect your style, it is essential to do this with carefulness.

While some of the churches are more welcoming, paying no attention to your outer appearance, other churches, though, have unspoken codes for church dresses for women which their members are expected to follow. Usually, these churches insist on moderate, decent outfits, placing weight on outward appearances. As such, before selecting a Sunday outfit, it is essential to make sure that your outfit not only follows the dress codes of these churches but also showcase your stylish personality. Here are few tips to ensuring your church outfit reflects your style while meeting church defined standards;


The saying “more is less” is an ideal representation of what should be taken into consideration while deciding your Sunday church outfit. Your Sunday church outfits while still being fashionable should be moderate and decent. That is, it should be merely the right length that wouldn’t keep eyes watching at you, doubting where the other half of your outfit went. Wear a dress that doesn’t reveal your cleavage and too much area of your arm, avoid any suits made of see-through materials since they are a definite no in this case. Trousers or Skirts should be the right size, not too loose or too tight.


It is possible to have a duly beat face that wouldn’t have the whole church staring at you, that is, “Church-suitable” makeup. While there is no precise definition of ‘Church-suitable” makeup, there is, however, an understanding that what it means is that your makeup is just right and modest. Not too loud, but good enough to have you looking immaculate. A lovely dewy natural face beat is the best way to go about this. Tone down on the highlighting and contouring and instead concentrate more on skin work.


Similar to makeup, accessories can make or break a church outfit. In the same manner, accessories can make a church outfit. In matching your bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, it is vital that you pay close attention to how these accessories match your outfit. The color will play a key role here. Even the most elegant of church dresses for women can look out of place when under or over-accessorized. Hence concentrate on accessorizing the right way.


Having a fundamental knowledge of your church and its rules, mainly those that apply towards dressing as in this situation is vital in helping you decide on your style ranges. To stop this mix-up, then it is essential to know and understand your church.      

7 Ways Wearing a Suit to Church Makes You Look More Respectable

10 June, 2019

Clothing for men and women has changed a lot over the years. In the church, the dressing used to be very elegant, but more and more churches are seeing parishioners who dress informally. If you’re allowed to wear casual in a church, make sure you don’t wear something you’d wear on a gardening or plumbing job. Clothes with holes and stains are considered inappropriate when visiting a church. Also avoid wearing flip-flops as they’re deemed to be disrespectful in place like church.

Wear Church Suits, If The Church Still Has The Tradition Of Dressing Elegantly.

Most churches like to maintain an elegant dress code, so it’s best to get ready in a pantsuit, a skirt, dress or dress pant. If the church allows casual wear, then a clean and tidy look with comfortable shoes is something you can go with. The women's suit is considered to be graceful when worn to almost any occasion. It’s a trend that has taken Church attire to another level.

Below are some tips on how to dress in women’s suits accompanied by women church hats without looking too casual. We’ve seen them succeed which indicates that they’ll continue to do so in the coming years. Let yourself be carried away in the most beautiful suits to the church.


  1. Red Jacket Suit

A red suit is always a safe bet. It’s a quite versatile option that can be worn at any afternoon church event. It can be worn in combination with a trendy blouse or more casual with a white shirt. If you’re not comfortable wearing red, then a monochromatic black and white color combination is something that is definitely going to meet the requirement.


  1. A Green Jacket Suit

Green is the trendiest color of all seasons without a doubt. A green suit jacket with well fitted ankle pants is a classic choice to attend a church event. Pastel green and aquamarine shades are in top of the line due to their success in the fashion industry. If you want to look more casual, then trouser suits in a turquoise water tone can make you look prettier than ever. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with the church hats.


  1. Oversize Suit

If you’re looking for a more casual variant, opt for oversized blazers. With the arrival of summer, this selection gets high in demand. A white and pastel blue linen jacket with trousers can be worn with high-heeled shoes as well as other fashionable shoes. This choice is the most versatile when compared to others.


  1. A Spring Jacket Suit

An original, oversized, yellow color jacket suit is daring choice to wear when going to a church event. It’s best to wear this outfit going spring times. These items can be worn in combination with more dress down tops and skirts, the jacket will give the final touch.


  1. A Quintessential Black Jacket Suit

Black has been in the game since forever. A quintessential black jacket suit can make you look classy at almost any occasion. It includes a combination of fitted jacket with a belt along with skinny pants. A common attire would include black jacket suit, with crepe tied blazer and trousers.


  1. A Classic Orange Suit

If you’re tired of wearing a plain black suit all the time, you can go with something that has patterns on it. Wearing a suit with orange or golden stripes can be very unique. Although it has always been one of the most reviled colors, this year the orange comes stomping as one of the most fashionable colors of spring. Flaunt it with bell suit pants.


  1. Jacket Suit with Check Pattern

Flowers are the typical print of the spring. However, checkered patterns and paintings have also gained much popularity among the ladies in the past few years. If you’re one of those who always look for plain and classy, then black and white gingham prints are a safe bet.



Latest Trends in Church Suits [2019]

29 April, 2019


The latest church suits collection is the most versatile of the new season that comes stomping with the start of the Spring/Summer season. This season will reign the costumes. The latest trend has given us a master class on how and when to take it. Inspired by selecting the most beautiful two-piece outfits, this is how you will wear these classic church suits in 2019. Get inspired to choose yours!



A light blue floral printed suit can be a good idea to welcome spring. Its soft tone will favor your tan (if it is), and in summer it will give you light if you combine it with white dresses. If you want to be the most up-to-the-minute, wear it with your white ankle boots.



Nothing like an ideal button-down shirt to give femininity to a suit. The new fashion tone - the brown one - combines perfectly with the blue, offering a unique style to the classic suit.


  • BACK THE '70

Reminiscences of past eras with this retro style Church suits. A brown or navy blue corduroy suit had never been so chic. The touch of grace is a diamond-patterned pullover, suitable for the weekend if you combine it with jeans or mom jeans. You can also add trousers with a short waist. It is a way to stylize your body easily. The cherry color is an on-the-go trend.



This new season makes the classic camel color in coats and suits. Its warmth brings us an essential elegance in these times when it seems that anything goes. Write it as a key outfit for the new season. This one is the best Women's dresses online when it comes to quality price.



As we anticipate you at the time, the new trends bring metal as a tone to follow this season. The low-cost pantsuit in black is already in our wish list for its versatility. We imagine it with shirts and sneakers by day and heels at night, and we have fallen in love. We see many possibilities!



The corduroy has returned to stay and above all, as far as suits are concerned. Choose the most innovative fabric and become the most stylish with two pieces in fuchsia. Suitable only for the most daring.



It is a classic that has become ultra-modern thanks to the new trend this season. The plus? The culottes with crisp white shirt make it even more contemporary. If you love the check pattern, take a look and learn to combine it.



If you want to give another twist to your Church suits, choose to wear a violet wrap top with a skirt. And, with the knit midi garment and snake boots, you will be the envy of any onlooker. And remember that violet is the color of 2019.



If you want to get a perfect wardrobe background, definitely a black jacket to have a special place in it. If you also have the full suit, your versatility will double. For the moment, add an animal print complement to get a very trendy look.





It is about styling a two-piece designed suit with a very innovative midi skirt. A perfect look to combine with the most fashionable boots this spring 2019. Put on your blazer with jeans in white, to give a new look to your style, and the skirt with a high collar when temperatures drop.



The return of the gray color is a fact, which is good news for lovers of this color. We tell you how to combine and that it becomes your best wild card. This suit with modern shapes can be your best asset.




Get ready to enjoy your Church day in a beautiful brocade suit. Put on your high-heeled sandals and sleek earrings, and you'll become the queen. Our favorites? Blues, mustards and any variety of roses. Ideal!



Pick a dress with an American tweed that can also be converted into a jacket suit as wearable. An intelligent purchase that will give you a lot of play if you mix the pieces with more casual pieces.



This season, the women's jacket suit will be the king of your wardrobe. After the success of the blazer, the tailoring trend goes a step further and brings the whole outfit as the best proposal for spring-summer.



The plaid print and the handkerchief print, are the perfect accompaniment to the Church suits. With a shirt underneath you already have your star set, and separately they also work very well. The pants we like are in thick jersey.



A classic that never dies for its versatility and timeless elegance is navy blue. If you are looking for a full-bodied suit, the pants should be slightly flared, and the jacket should be extended and fitted. So you can wear it without anything underneath.

And do not forget that a good Church suit should sit like a glove, only this way you will unfold all the elegance that this attire needs. A powerful piece that if you know how to dress well, will give you confidence in yourself.



3 Awesome Tips to Choose the Best Church Suit

08 April, 2019

Hey you Ladies!

How many of you take your time to get ready for any special occasion and then you need the perfect church suit or church dress?. Frankly speaking, social events don’t make you worry, but if there’s a special Sunday church service coming up, then you need to know all the essential rules to wear your church attire.

Know The First Rule!

Church hats come in all multiple styles and colors. Wear white or pastel colored hats on all fifty days of Easter Sunday. Opt for the serene colors that will fit best to the Entire Easter Season. 

Important Tips to Consider

Christians celebrate the Easter season in the best formal dressing. In churches, people are observed all-yearlong in their suited attire they wear especially when attending a Sunday worship service. They want to look presentable in front of God, and the church hats are a great way to achieve the set goal. Ladies’ church hats have a storied black-women history and have been playing a key role in churchgoers’ Sunday best for years by wearing designer church suits and hats. If you also want to look stylish and classy and carry yourself as the symbol of “The triumph of Culture” then know these top tips.

Your hat should never cross your shoulder. Unless you’re attending mourning or you want the embrace the silhouette look, then your church hat can go as wide as it like. If you wish to wear wide hats, then be seated on the side or at the back.

Never wear hats which are darker than your shoes. It won’t be able to gaze attention and will make the energy flows downwards

Don’t consider worn out even it’s from a famous designer of formal church hats and suits.

Create a stack of all your church hats and have spare hats in your wardrobe. This way, it will be easy for you to dress according to the specific church occasion.

Understand your face cut. Do you have a round, oval, diamond, square or hear shape of the face? Ask your friends and take fashion expert’s advice. They are your best judges who will honestly tell you what is complimenting you and what is not.

Don’t try to make the perfect match with your church outfit. Go for contrast. Don’t forget that your hat is the centerpiece of your look so avoid clashing it with your dress and accessories; otherwise; it will split the attention. 

Avoid wearing heavy coral or trucker hats. A church is a holy place so wear formal hats instead to create a spiritual impact throughout the service. 


Final Thoughts!!

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20 March, 2019

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Church outfits

01 September, 2016

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Of course you want to look good for God, as well as your peers at church. Weddings, funerals, baptisms, and multiple other church events traditionally calls for its guests to look their best.

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