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7 Ways Wearing a Suit to Church Makes You Look More Respectable

10 June, 2019

Clothing for men and women has changed a lot over the years. In the church, the dressing used to be very elegant, but more and more churches are seeing parishioners who dress informally. If you’re allowed to wear casual in a church, make sure you don’t wear something you’d wear on a gardening or plumbing job. Clothes with holes and stains are considered inappropriate when visiting a church. Also avoid wearing flip-flops as they’re deemed to be disrespectful in place like church.

Wear Church Suits, If The Church Still Has The Tradition Of Dressing Elegantly.

Most churches like to maintain an elegant dress code, so it’s best to get ready in a pantsuit, a skirt, dress or dress pant. If the church allows casual wear, then a clean and tidy look with comfortable shoes is something you can go with. The women's suit is considered to be graceful when worn to almost any occasion. It’s a trend that has taken Church attire to another level.

Below are some tips on how to dress in women’s suits accompanied by women church hats without looking too casual. We’ve seen them succeed which indicates that they’ll continue to do so in the coming years. Let yourself be carried away in the most beautiful suits to the church.


  1. Red Jacket Suit

A red suit is always a safe bet. It’s a quite versatile option that can be worn at any afternoon church event. It can be worn in combination with a trendy blouse or more casual with a white shirt. If you’re not comfortable wearing red, then a monochromatic black and white color combination is something that is definitely going to meet the requirement.


  1. A Green Jacket Suit

Green is the trendiest color of all seasons without a doubt. A green suit jacket with well fitted ankle pants is a classic choice to attend a church event. Pastel green and aquamarine shades are in top of the line due to their success in the fashion industry. If you want to look more casual, then trouser suits in a turquoise water tone can make you look prettier than ever. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with the church hats.


  1. Oversize Suit

If you’re looking for a more casual variant, opt for oversized blazers. With the arrival of summer, this selection gets high in demand. A white and pastel blue linen jacket with trousers can be worn with high-heeled shoes as well as other fashionable shoes. This choice is the most versatile when compared to others.


  1. A Spring Jacket Suit

An original, oversized, yellow color jacket suit is daring choice to wear when going to a church event. It’s best to wear this outfit going spring times. These items can be worn in combination with more dress down tops and skirts, the jacket will give the final touch.


  1. A Quintessential Black Jacket Suit

Black has been in the game since forever. A quintessential black jacket suit can make you look classy at almost any occasion. It includes a combination of fitted jacket with a belt along with skinny pants. A common attire would include black jacket suit, with crepe tied blazer and trousers.


  1. A Classic Orange Suit

If you’re tired of wearing a plain black suit all the time, you can go with something that has patterns on it. Wearing a suit with orange or golden stripes can be very unique. Although it has always been one of the most reviled colors, this year the orange comes stomping as one of the most fashionable colors of spring. Flaunt it with bell suit pants.


  1. Jacket Suit with Check Pattern

Flowers are the typical print of the spring. However, checkered patterns and paintings have also gained much popularity among the ladies in the past few years. If you’re one of those who always look for plain and classy, then black and white gingham prints are a safe bet.



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