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Here Is How You Can Personalize Your Church Outfit to Reflect Your Personality

15 July, 2019

Sundays, for a lot of people, is a perfect time to relax, as a Christian though, you possibly go to church every Sunday. These Sunday Services typically last for a while, after which you are free to continue enjoying your Sunday. However, you still try to look perfect. As much as you wish to look your best by putting on a church outfit and accessorizing in such a manner that would reflect your style, it is essential to do this with carefulness.

While some of the churches are more welcoming, paying no attention to your outer appearance, other churches, though, have unspoken codes for church dresses for women which their members are expected to follow. Usually, these churches insist on moderate, decent outfits, placing weight on outward appearances. As such, before selecting a Sunday outfit, it is essential to make sure that your outfit not only follows the dress codes of these churches but also showcase your stylish personality. Here are few tips to ensuring your church outfit reflects your style while meeting church defined standards;


The saying “more is less” is an ideal representation of what should be taken into consideration while deciding your Sunday church outfit. Your Sunday church outfits while still being fashionable should be moderate and decent. That is, it should be merely the right length that wouldn’t keep eyes watching at you, doubting where the other half of your outfit went. Wear a dress that doesn’t reveal your cleavage and too much area of your arm, avoid any suits made of see-through materials since they are a definite no in this case. Trousers or Skirts should be the right size, not too loose or too tight.


It is possible to have a duly beat face that wouldn’t have the whole church staring at you, that is, “Church-suitable” makeup. While there is no precise definition of ‘Church-suitable” makeup, there is, however, an understanding that what it means is that your makeup is just right and modest. Not too loud, but good enough to have you looking immaculate. A lovely dewy natural face beat is the best way to go about this. Tone down on the highlighting and contouring and instead concentrate more on skin work.


Similar to makeup, accessories can make or break a church outfit. In the same manner, accessories can make a church outfit. In matching your bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, it is vital that you pay close attention to how these accessories match your outfit. The color will play a key role here. Even the most elegant of church dresses for women can look out of place when under or over-accessorized. Hence concentrate on accessorizing the right way.


Having a fundamental knowledge of your church and its rules, mainly those that apply towards dressing as in this situation is vital in helping you decide on your style ranges. To stop this mix-up, then it is essential to know and understand your church.      

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